The development history of medical silicone rubber
Date: 2015 - 12 - 21
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Silicone rubber as a latecomer of the rubber family,but its performance is thriving and unsurpassed.It is loved by the people,which is inseparable from the modern high-tech investment, it injected a lot of high-tech performance champion.I believe that with the further development of technology, silicone rubber substitute in the  future will also appear in our lives,to give us more convenience. 

Silicone rubber is base on a high molecular weight linear polyorganosiloxane,when adding certain ingredients,and then after a certain process in accordance with the requirements of processing,it can make the rubbery elastomer which has a certain strength and elongation.


The medical grade liquid silicone rubber is tasteless,high temperature resistance,oxidation resistance,flexibility,permeability,high transparency, anti-aging,physiologically inert,good biocompatibility,non-toxic,non-carcinogenic and a series of excellent features.


Silicone rubber as an excellent medical polymer materials,both in the rubber industry or in the medical field has been the concern of professionals.The reason is as follow:firstly,it is used as a rubber material for medical technology content,low cost,high value-added and substantial economic benefits.Secondly,the medical silicone rubber not only solve many medicine problems,but also can get satisfactory results.