The silicone rubber development strategy
Date: 2015 - 12 - 21
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In recent years,there are showing a rapid development trend of silicone industry,specialization tends to refinement,technological advances led applications continue to expand,North America,European Union,China,Japan,South Korea and Southeast Asia are the main technical development and market location, capacity set,features significantly.

The basis of silicone rubber and silicone rubber powder morphology and performance differences,become the direct power of diverse application development.Europe enterprise according to geographical,and population,and resources,and industry distribution,and development trend and market needs,put global divided for several a regional market,in more than 50 multiple main national or center city established development center,and Division,and production factory or representative,its products and service through they to around national,and area and city extended.


China mainly still to low-end products,has near half belongs to multinationals,take Shenzhen Hongye Jie Silicone Factory as an example.This company professional development,increase production of liquid silicone molding,liquid silicone molding plus,plus liquid silicone rubber molding silicone products.It's silicone rubber is well-received by the customers from more than 50 countries and regions.